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Dan & Shirley Lindauer

Date of Service: Sep. 3, 2021

HANSEN – It started with two German-Russian immigrants from what is now known as the Ukraine, Dan and Emma Lindauer and another couple from Star Valley, Wyo., JS and Leta Wright, eventually settling in Minidoka, Idaho. Grampa Dan and Emma had Raymond, Irene, Elma, Fred, and then came our dad, Dan Lindauer on Dec. 7, 1933. Meanwhile at a railroad site known as Tunnel, Wyo., near Kemmer, JS and Leta Wright added our mom, Shirley, to their family of Betty and Fred Wright on August 27, 1934. Grandad Wright first moved to Wapi, Idaho, as a section foreman where mom had many early childhood experiences in the secluded desert. Finally, they settled in Minidoka and that's where mom and dad went to grade school and then Rupert to high school. Recently, Dad said they started dating about 14 years of age. As a youngster, Dad worked on Grampa Lindauer's farm north of Minidoka and later, as a teenager, he would work as a water boy in the summers when the railroad track gangs came through.

On July 15, 1953, Dad and Mom married. Dad worked as assistant foreman for Union Pacific Railroad under Granddad Wright. About a year later the United States draft board decided Dad should join the army and he had many stories about going to France with the army boat company. He learned mechanical skills working in the engine rooms. After the army, he returned home to Shirley and the railroad. Dad seemed to have natural leadership skills. He was foreman on the track gang laying the new track signal systems that the railroad was modernizing during late 50s-60s. He became a signal maintainer which moved Mom and Dad to Pocatello. Another opportunity came along when Union Pacific bought the first semi-truck lowboy to haul the latest track maintenance equipment. For three years he traveled from Nebraska to Oregon hauling equipment. Missing being home with Shirley and the growing family, he transferred to the new Maintenance of Way System shop in Pocatello. Along with his natural mechanical ability he took the incentive to learn the new hydraulic systems used by the modern track machines and became the shop hydraulic foreman, teaching others his learned skills. Later, as the shops expanded, he became lead machinist and shop foreman over Maintenance of Way carmen, welders and component rebuilders. His likable personality gained him respect from his work crews.

Mom also was very industrious. She sold Avon for years off and on even in rural Minidoka. She worked at Elaine’s Wig Shop and, for a while, as a paraprofessional at Tyhee School. For a time she worked at a nursing home until Dad made her quit because she would get to attached to patients that had died and would experience some depression. She loved animals with a passion. We had everything from a skunk, goat, parrot, monkey and eventually, when on the acreage, horses and her beloved milk cow, Bossey! Just weeks ago, she mused out her window at the hummingbirds feeding at the feeder. With all the things going on she raised us four boys and one girl, Miles, Chris, Jeffrey, Daniel (Hank) and Vickie. There was always the family joke that it took four boys to finally get a girl.

Like typical baby boomers, us kids never went without. Mom and Dad spoiled us with more than just the needs, not to mention the many camping, fishing, and hunting trips and the family get-togethers with the relatives. With that being said, we were taught to be punctual, use good manners, and have a good work ethic.

After the nest was empty, they started their new adventures traveling from the retirement cabin in the summers, at Murphy Hot Springs to Yuma, Ariz., in the winters making more friends where ever they went. They truly had a fulfilling 68 years one could only be envious of. There is no way possible to acknowledge and thank the list of family and friends over the years. Dad and Mom loved all they knew. Recently, they captured the hearts of the hospice care gals and Mom and Dad appreciated them dearly.

Dan and Shirley have ten grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Dan and Shirley both had a love for a special place in the Owyhee canyon lands called Murphy Hot Springs and spent a lot of time at their small cabin there with friends and family.

It is our hope to see Mom and Dad again and be reunited with all our family in the paradise that God promises to soon bring about when the enemy death is gone: “And I have hope toward God......that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous an the unrighteous.” Revelation 21:3 & 4.

Mom and Dad passed away minutes apart on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

A joint funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Friday, September 3, at Rasmussen-Wilson Funeral Home, 1350 E. 16th St., in Burley, where friends and family may call one hour prior to the service. Military rites will be provided by the Mini-Cassia Veterans Group. Burial will follow at 1:30 p.m. at Restlawn Memorial Gardens in Pocatello.

Condolences for Dan & Shirley Lindauer

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From Debbie Hewlett:
Dear Miles, Chris, and Hank,
We are so sorry for your tragic loss. My fondest memories as a kid are the many camping and fishing trips that we enjoyed with your family. Later it was a privilege to welcome Vickie into our family. And as time progressed, my kid’s favorite memories were times spent with Uncle Jay and Aunt Vickie! Shirley gave me my first pair of diamond earrings and both of my girls received diamond earrings as well. It didn’t stop there, Shirley also gave each of my 4 granddaughters diamond earrings! What a keepsake! We all look forward to seeing Dan and Shirley again in perfect health on a perfect earth.
We love your family,
Martin, Debbie, and Tyler Hewlett
Tara, Nathaniel, Avelyn, and Lander Wells
Tiffany, Neil, Nadia, Bella, Vivienne, and Evelyn Hornor
From Jeannie Park Bybee:
Sending sympathy and love. The Park family has many fond memories growing up next door to the Lindauer’s. We were blessed to have such a great family for our neighbors . Im sorry I’m out of town this weekend. I wish I could see all of you.
From Kathy Lindauer :
My thoughts and prayers are with you all for your loss. Dan and Shirley were wonderful people. I love you all.
From virginia canavero:
Peace and Love from Virginia to all of the Lindauer Family
Thanks to all of you for sharing Dan and Shirley, (your Parents with me). They became great neighbors and friends. I enjoyed them at Murphy's Hot Springs (Kitty's Hot Hole)they were great people. I grew to love them as family and friends. It was quite special knowing them and the ones of you that I know. I will miss their special smiles and the time I spent with them. A great couple with lots of love. Good-bye to you DAN AND SHIRLEY and I love you.
From virginia Canavero:
Thank-you for sharing your Mom and Dad with me. I enjoyed visiting with them during our time at Murphy' Hot Springs (Kitty' Hot Hole). They were a joy to be with always. The love we had as friends was special almost more than family. I will miss their smiling faces and special ways. Peace and love, from Virginia To all of the Lindauer Family
From Frank Park:
I loved growing up as next door neighbors to the Lindauer family. Their home was a second home to me and Danny and Shirley were wonderful influence in my life. I can’t separate my youth from growing up with Jeff and Chris. Hank was the little brother I didn’t have and Vickie was the baby sister we all protected. Miles was the mini Dan always working on something mechanical. We had the best childhood. It’s beautiful that Danny and Shirley we’re together in passing, neither would want to be with out the other.
From Barbara Stennett:
To the family of Danny and Shirley I am one of the Minidoka kids that grew up and went to school with your parents! The Lindauers were very close to my family and kept in touch with Ray and his parents. Later I lived on Tanager in Pocatello just down the the street where they lived! The last time I seen your Dad was at Todds service. we had a good visit! My thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your beautiful obituary to honor your Mom and Dad

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